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De-Trash Your Home Quickly and Effectively

Even the cleanest home can end up in a whirlwind of chaos under the right circumstances. Regardless of how organized you normally are, your home can always use a good cleaning and de-trashing. Here at Best Hauling Co., we’ve made it our business to understand how important it is for you to get rid of your junk. We’ve come up with a few easy tips to help you de-junk your home in a weekend. Get your gloves on, secure your dumpster rental, and get ready to live in a clean, organized home.

We encourage you to perform these easy tips in each room of your home, and watch how quickly your rooms sparkle.

Easy Steps to a Clutter Free Home

Start with three empty boxes and a large garbage bag. Label each box with one of the following:

·         Keep

·         Sell

·         Charity

You may also want to bring in a large garbage bag or can to hold garbage and junk until it can be transferred to your dumpster rental.

Start sorting through your belongings and possessions in short time intervals that are no shorter than 15 minutes and no longer than an hour. Always set a timer, and take a break in between sessions to avoid burnout.

Start three piles on the floor of the room, one pile to match each of the boxes you’ve marked. This gives you the freedom to move items from one pile to another once you’ve sorted through every item.

Once you’ve sorted through all your items, place them carefully in each labeled box, and empty your garbage can in to your dumpster rental to be removed at a later date. 

Now it’s time to clean and vacuum the room to remove any additional dust or grime from the surfaces. 

After you’ve cleaned the room, sort through your KEEP box one more time with the intent of removing even more items for the CHARITY or SELL box.

Organize and Remove

Once your items are all packed away, you are ready to move them to the appropriate place. Store your KEEP items, call your local charity to pick up your CHARITY box, and list any items for sell on a local classified site. Remove all garbage to your dumpster, and allow us at Best Hauling Co. to help you get your house in shape by hauling away your junk.

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